Cosmetic path to bsdinstall

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Feb 24 20:14:24 UTC 2011

On Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:00:44 am Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
> Thanks! I've received basically this patch from a couple people now. I'm 
> going to investigate whether this is a more generic way to get this 
> information (so the list doesn't grow infinitely long), and will commit 
> this if I can't. Having CAM devices be part of newbus would simplify 
> this a very great deal...

Note that all these disk devices are not CAM devices, so CAM changing to
use new-bus wouldn't really matter one whit.  They do all show up as 'DISK'
GEOM's however (I also hacked on a GEOM-based libdisk replacement at one
point, though probably less developed than Marcel's.  I used libgeom to
discover DISK devices.)  Given that disk_create() already hooks into GEOM,
that is probably the right way to discover disks in a generic fashion.

John Baldwin

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