$PATH and buildworld not getting along

Alexander Best arundel at freebsd.org
Fri Feb 18 16:36:13 UTC 2011

On Fri Feb 18 11, Ulrich Spörlein wrote:
> On Tue, 15.02.2011 at 21:10:29 +0000, Alexander Best wrote:
> > hi there,
> > 
> > i've run into an issue where $PATH doesn't get discarded during buildworld. is
> > this behavior to be expected? to reproduce do:
> > 
> > 1) be sure /usr/local/bin comes *before* /usr/bin in your $PATH
> > 2) ln -s /bin/cat /usr/local/bin/cc (some sh script would be better)
> > 3) cd /usr/src ; make SRCCONF=/dev/null __MAKE_CONF=/dev/null buildworld
> > 4) see how buildworld fails, because cat(1) gets invoked instead of cc(1).
> > 
> > ... buildkernel on the other hand seems to be immune to such an issue.
> The bootstrap stage needs *some* compiler on the host system to build
> the (cross)compiler that is then used during the rest of buildworld (and
> all of buildkernel). If you remove cc or c++ or libstdc++.so then you're
> screwed.

sure, but cc resides in in /usr/bin. so there's no need to invoke anything
from /usr/local/bin at all.

> As to whether the user's PATH should be honored for building the
> bootstrap/cross/build-tools, I'd say yes.

i'd say no. imo nothing from /usr/local/* should ever be invoked when compiling
a target in /usr/src. everything that's needed is in /usr/* (excluding local).

so $PATH should unconditionally be set to sth. like:


to be sure no tools, libs or whatever from any foreign place such as
/usr/local/* get sucked into a build.


> If, however, the breakage is during the actual build-everything stage,
> that would be a problem indeed.
> Regards,
> Uli


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