CD Access in 9.x and -CURRENT

Gary Jennejohn gljennjohn at
Fri Dec 30 08:53:54 UTC 2011

On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 15:23:22 -0800
Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:

> Just to clarify some things that I passed on to Joseph in haste ...
> On 12/28/2011 21:56, Joseph S. Atkinson wrote:
> > Doug Barton reports that cdcontrol(1) doesn't work for him,
> Some of the functions work, but I can't play audio CDs with it, even as
> root.
> > and mplayer
> > and audactiy also display issues running as non-root.
> These 2 will play audio CDs when run as root due to a labyrinth of
> permissions issues in /dev, in spite of my having my unprivileged user
> in the 'operator' group. vlc doesn't work at all, even as root.
> I'm happy to provide more details, testing, etc.

I'm running 10.0-CURRENT r228926 and have no problem watching DVDs with
vlc and mplayer as an unpriviledged user in the operator group.  I can
even rip movies using dvdrip.

I have this in /etc/devfs.conf
perm    cd0     0660
perm    xpt0    0660
perm    pass0   0660
perm    pass1   0660
perm    pass2   0660
perm    pass3   0660

Haven't tried listening to audio CDs, but I can rip them with no problem.

Gary Jennejohn

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