Extend search range of FreeBSD-10 libtools/configure fixup (was: Re: FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/AMD64 (CLANG): lang/gcc46 fails to build)

b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 7 12:44:01 UTC 2011

> Am 07.12.2011 09:32, schrieb Dimitry Andric:
> > That said, you are most likely running into an issue with the fix for
> > FreeBSD 10-CURRENT in bsd.port.mk, causing the lto-plugin stage
> > configure script to fail.
> >
> > This is because the gcc ports unpack their source code into
> > ${WRKDIR}/gcc-${VERSIONSTRING}, and then override WRKSRC to
> > ${WRKDIR}/build.  Since bsd.port.mk only applies the run-autotools-fixup
> > to ${WRKSRC}, the gcc source itself is not properly fixed up.
> >
> > You can try the attached patch, which fixes this (and fixes it for all
> > other ports that override WKRSRC).
> I had solved a similar problem for BDB a few weeks back and made the
> same modification (start searching in WRKDIR instead of in WRKSRC).
> This leads to (minimally) higher run time for the fixup, but it should
> make a number of ports currently broken on FBSD10 automagically build
> again ...
> And the pattern for libtool/configure type files should sufficiently
> prevent patching of files not touched by the current invocation of "find".
> SO I'd vote to get that patch into SVN ...

We've had a patch to do this, and make a few other related changes,
for about a month now.  I'm not sure why it hasn't gone into
bsd.port.mk yet -- perhaps Martin had some other work to do -- but I
think that it will appear soon.


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