WITHOUT_PROFILE=yes by default

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Fri Dec 2 20:11:53 UTC 2011

What if it was still included in tinderbox builds and releases. For the latter, the profiled versions could be in a separate distribution set much like doc or games.  The ugly part is freebsd-update.. 

It could still be off by default in the buildworld as anyone smart enough to do source upgrades can toggle something in src.conf. 

This should make lazy devs happy, speed up build times for those upset about that, etc. it sucks for RE though. 

I was taught to use gprof in college and it was nice using the same tool on school sun and Linux boxes as well as my own iBook and FreeBSD desktop. 

This might be a fair compromise for now with a EOL date in a future release. At some point I assume dropping gnu tools with llvm transition makes sense 

Lucas Holt

On Dec 2, 2011, at 1:39 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at orthanc.ca> wrote:

>> Isn't this about user choice, and making sensible defaults?
> There are two or three "users" out of thousands complaining about the default.  If the extra build time bugs you that much, I'll contribute towards buying you better build hardware, too.
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