line in problem with snd_hda in mother asus m2npv-vm

Matias Kreder mkreder at
Sat Apr 30 16:27:39 UTC 2011

> What exactly have you tried? Have you tried to switch recording to mic
> with `mixer =rec mic`?

Ok, I just discovered that line was working but just to record,
setting =rec line and recording with audacity it records but sound is
not being routed to speakers at the same time: Unless of course I
reproduce what I recorded.

Them I switched =rec to mic, it records just white noise event though
that everything is almost 100% in mixer. I tried both inputs the front
and the back one. Same behavior with both.

I tried with =rec to line1 and to =cd, just to see if there it
captured my mic or line, but it records nothing, not even noise.

Last, I tried the front headphone output, it's not working at all, no
sound, it continue to be routed only to the speakers.

Thanks for being helping me.

Matias Kreder

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