"No such file or directory" in daily setuid checks

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 11:47:41 UTC 2011


I'm running a fairly recent -CURRENT on a new storage machine:

kaos % uname -a
FreeBSD kaos 9.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Sat Apr 16 06:39:04 EDT
2011     root at kaos:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

I'm using ZFS v28 with dedup (thank you, pjd!) on an NFS-exported
dataset, to which I backup another machine using rsnapshot:

kaos % zpool list
zroot  2.70T  28.9G  2.67T     1%  11.80x  ONLINE  -

kaos % zfs get dedup zroot/usr/backup
NAME              PROPERTY  VALUE          SOURCE
zroot/usr/backup  dedup     sha256,verify  local

kaos % showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:

I've been seeing the following in my daily periodic emails:

Checking setuid files and devices:
find: /usr/backup/hourly.14/orion: No such file or directory
find: /usr/backup/hourly.14: No such file or directory
find: /usr/backup/hourly.15/orion: No such file or directory
find: /usr/backup/hourly.15: No such file or directory

Files/directories do exist, however:

kaos % ll /usr/backup/hourly.14/orion/usr/
total 4
drwxr-xr-x  5 root  wheel  5 Apr 23 17:01 home
drwxr-xr-x  4 root  wheel  5 Apr 23 17:01 local

kaos % ls /usr/backup/hourly.14/orion/usr/home/gjb/ | wc -l

The UID for my primary logon has changed between these two machines, so
I do expect to see output from the weekly 340.noid check, but I'm not
sure what to make of the 'No such file or directory' output in the daily

If it matters, the machine that is backing up to the NFS dataset is
running 8-STABLE:

orion % uname -a
FreeBSD orion 8.2-STABLE FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE #9 r219355: Sun Mar  6
19:31:45 EST 2011     root at orion:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/ORION  amd64

I'm not sure if this is ZFS or NFS related, and I'm not entirely sure
where to begin looking.  Any ideas?


Glen Barber

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