Switch from legacy ata(4) to CAM-based ATA

Kostik Belousov kostikbel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 12:04:23 UTC 2011

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 04:35:58PM -0700, Matthew Jacob wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Apr 2011, Scott Long wrote:
> >...
> >
> >I agree with what Alexander is saying, but I'd like to take it a step 
> >further.  We should all be using either mount-by-label, or be working to 
> >introduce generic device names to GEOM.  Right now, device names are an 
> >implementation detail that have no functional use other than to 
> >complicate the fstab.  Disks exposed through the block layer are simply 
> >direct-access block-array devices, nothing more.  There's no functional 
> >difference to the kernel or userland between ad, ar, da, aacd, mfid, 
> >amrd, etc when it comes to reading and writing sectors off of them. 
> >But yet we give them unique names and pretend that those names mean 
> >something.  We could give them all the name of "disk" and the system 
> >would still function exactly that same.  The name attributes are 
> >interesting when it comes to doing out-of-band management, but it's also 
> >trivial to create a human-readable map and a programatic API between the 
> >generic name and the attribute name.  Same goes for volumes labels, and 
> >I'd almost argue that they're more powerful than generic device names.
> >
> >In other words, "ada" isn't the problem here, it's that we all still 
> >think in terms of the 1980's when systems didn't autoconfigure and 
> >device names were important hints to system functionality.  That time 
> >has thankfully passed, and it's time for us to catch up.
> >
> Still, keep in mind that conservative leanings have to be appeased. Back 
> in SparcStation1 development (1989) we kept on calling the root device 
> "Fred" as in "Let's boot fred now".
> That said, you would not *believe* the flack I took for having the root 
> filesystem on sd3 instead of sd0 in SS1, even though there was no reason 
> it couldn't have just been called "fred".

It was YOU ?!

Could you, please, share a story ? I am very interested.

Thanks in advance.
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