`hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature' disappeared

Nick Ulen uncle at wolfman.devio.us
Sat Apr 16 15:51:23 UTC 2011

FreeBSD was successfully upgraded.

uname -v
FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Mon Apr 11 18:14:36 MSD 2011     
root at test:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC 

Everything seems to be working well except
`hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature' disappeared from the list of available 
sysctl variables.

sysctl hw.acpi.thermal.

hw.acpi.thermal.min_runtime: 0
hw.acpi.thermal.polling_rate: 10
hw.acpi.thermal.user_override: 0
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.active: -1
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.passive_cooling: 0
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.thermal_flags: 0
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._PSV: -1
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._HOT: -1
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._CRT: 90.0C
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._TC1: -1
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._TC2: -1
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._TSP: -1

output from:
 sysctl -a |grep acpi
is here: https://privatepaste.com/ca08d4658b

CPU (From /var/run/dmesg.boot): https://privatepaste.com/d107389cc1

Why is this so and how can it be changed?
How is it possible to monitor CPU temperature now?


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