Any success stories for HAST + ZFS?

Mikolaj Golub trociny at
Mon Apr 11 19:52:44 UTC 2011

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 11:26:15 -0700 Freddie Cash wrote:

 FC> On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Mikolaj Golub <trociny at> wrote:
 >> On Mon, 4 Apr 2011 11:08:16 -0700 Freddie Cash wrote:
 >>  FC> Once the deadlock patches above are MFC'd to -STABLE, I can do an
 >>  FC> upgrade cycle and test them.
 >> Committed to STABLE.

 FC> Updated src tree to r220537.  Recompiled world, kernel, etc.
 FC> Installed world, kernel, etc.  ZFSv28 patch was not affected.

 FC> Everything is detected correctly, everything comes up correctly.  See
 FC> a new option (reload) in the RC script for hast.

 FC> Can create/change role for 24 hast devices simultaneously.

 FC> Can switch between master/slave modes.

 FC> Have 5 rsyncs running in parallel without any issues, transferring
 FC> 80-120 Mbps over the network (just under 100 Mbps seems to be the
 FC> average right now).

 FC> Switching roles while the rsyncs are running succeeds without
 FC> deadlocking (obviously, rsync complains a whole bunch while the switch
 FC> happens as the pool disappears out from underneath it, but it picks up
 FC> again when the pool is back in place).

 FC> Hitting the reset switch on the box while the rsyncs are running
 FC> doesn't affect the hast devices or the pool, beyond losing the last 5
 FC> seconds of writes.

 FC> It's only been a couple of hours of testing and hammering, but so far
 FC> things are much more stable/performant than before.

Cool! Thanks for reporting!

 FC> Anything else I should test?

Nothing particular, but any tests and reports are appreciated. E.g. ones of
the recent features Pawel has added are checksum and compression. You could
try different options and compare :-)

Mikolaj Golub

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