DHCP server in base

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Sun Sep 26 11:13:02 UTC 2010

David DEMELIER said:

> I agree that for some people it will be completely useless, but if we
> can disable it in src.conf everyone will be happy. Since FreeBSD is
> great for a router it's really fast to make a full working server
> without installing anything else.

What is the problem of installing something else? You are probably
ignoring that many people are complaining about the presence of
sendmail, bind, perl  etc. in the base system from ages, indeed X and
perl have been removed, and it is clear that the consensus is to make the
base smaller not bigger. And frankly i have *very* hard time to think
that a DHCP server in the base has any utility. why not maxima for
example? I am interested in formal computation, you are interested in 
routers, another one likes images and would want gimp, and so on.


Michel TALON

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