RFC: pefs - stacked cryptographic filesystem

Gleb Kurtsou gleb.kurtsou at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 19:03:02 UTC 2010

On (07/09/2010 17:04), Ivan Voras wrote:
> On 09/06/10 20:38, Gleb Kurtsou wrote:
> > Tested on top of ZFS, UFS and tmpfs on amd64 and i386; both 9-CURRENT
> > and 8-STABLE supported.
> You probably didn't test it, but I've tried pefs on top of ext2fs (I use 
> ext2fs to share data between OSes) and it quickly panicked.
I've tried it once, it paniced. msdosfs is known to work, but I'd say it
shouldn't :)

I'll look at it tomorrow, thanks for pointing it.

If you are going to use it note that lower filesystem should be case
sensitive, the same applies to ZFS.


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