ZFS v28 is ready for wider testing.

matt donovan kitchetech at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 17:17:58 UTC 2010

The atomic.h patch does not apply anymore and buildworld fails without it.
At work so can't post results

On Sep 6, 2010 6:09 PM, "Martin Matuska" <mm at freebsd.org> wrote:
> To avoid user and developer confusion, my patch was just a chain of
> pjd's patch + pjd's atomic.h fix + my v19 boot patch.
> I have removed (= split) the chained patch in my posting and altered my
> blog article with updated build instructions that actually just
> summarize what has been written on this list.
> Thanks for understanding!
> Dňa 6. 9. 2010 13:50, Martin Matuska wrote / napísal(a):
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have put together a slightly improved patch of Pawel's that compiles
>> correctly and supports booting from ZFS v19 pools.
>> You can download the patch here:
>> http://people.freebsd.org/~mm/patches/zfs/head-zfs-v28-20100831.patch
>> For users who don't want to compile I have created a mfsBSD ISO image
>> with a zfs-only install of 9-CURRENT-amd64:
>> http://mfsbsd.vx.sk/iso/mfsbsd-se-head-zfsv28-amd64.iso
>> You can read more about all of this here:
>> http://blog.vx.sk/archives/9-Help-testing-ZFS-v28-in-FreeBSD.html
>> More information about ZFS pool and filesystem versions:
>> http://blog.vx.sk/archives/4-ZFS-pool-and-filesystem-versions.html
>> Thanks to everybody participating in testing,
>> mm
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