ZFS v28 is ready for wider testing.

jhell jhell at DataIX.net
Wed Sep 1 20:30:40 UTC 2010

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On 08/31/2010 17:59, Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
> Hello.
> I'd like to give you ZFS v28 for testing. If you are neither brave nor
> mad, you can stop here.
> The patchset is very experimental. It can eat your cookie and hurt your
> teddy bear, so be warned. Don't try it for anything except testing.
> This patchset is also a message we, as the FreeBSD project, would like
> to send to our users: Eventhough OpenSolaris is dead, the ZFS file
> system is going to stay in FreeBSD. At this point we have quite a few
> developers involved in ZFS on FreeBSD as well as serveral companies.
> We are also looking forward to work with IllumOS.
> So, what this new ZFS brings?
> - Data deduplication. Read more here:
> 	http://blogs.sun.com/bonwick/entry/zfs_dedup
> - Triple parity RAIDZ (RAIDZ3). Read more here:
> 	http://dtrace.org/blogs/ahl/2009/07/21/triple-parity-raid-z/
> - zfs diff. Read more here:
> 	http://arc.opensolaris.org/caselog/PSARC/2010/105/20100328_tim.haley
> - zpool split. Read more here:
> 	http://arc.opensolaris.org/caselog/PSARC/2009/511/20090924_mark.musante
> - Snapshot holds. Read more here:
> 	http://arc.opensolaris.org/caselog/PSARC/2009/297/20090511_chris.kirby
> - zpool import -F. Allows to rewind corrupted pool to earlier
>   transaction group.
> - Possibility to import pool in read-only mode.
> And much, much more, including plenty of preformance improvements and bug
> fixes.
> So test whatever you can and report back. Look for regressions, strange
> behaviour, missing features, deadlocks, livelocks, preformance
> degradation, etc.
> The boot code is not updated at all, so booting off of ZFS doesn't
> currently work.
> The patch is against today's FreeBSD HEAD.
> The patch enables (in sys/modules/zfs/Makefile) ZFS internal debugging,
> please don't turn it off. Also, compile your kernel with the following
> options:
> 	options 	KDB
> 	options 	DDB
> 	options 	INVARIANTS
> 	options 	WITNESS
> 	options 	DEBUG_LOCKS
> 	options 	DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS
> Ignore all the LOR (Lock Order Reversal) reports from WITNESS. There will
> be plenty of those, and you'll desperately want to report them, but please
> don't.
> The best way to report a problem is to answer to this e-mail with as short
> as possible procedure of how to reproduce it and debugging info. I'd
> prefer textdump if possible. Below you can find quick procedure how to
> setup textdumps:
> 	Choose spare/swap disk/partition in your system, let's say it is
> 	/dev/ad0s1b.
> 	Add the following line to /etc/fstab:
> 		/dev/ad0s1b	none	swap	sw	0	0
> 	Add the following line to /etc/rc.conf:
> 		ddb_enable="YES"
> 	Run the following commands:
> 		# /etc/rc.d/swap1 start
> 		# /etc/rc.d/dumpon start
> 		# /etc/rc.d/ddb start
> 	This will setup swap, mark it as dump device and setup some DDB
> 	scripts. Or you can just reboot.
> 	Now when your system panic or deadlock, enter DDB and call the
> 	following command:
> 		ddb> run kdb.enter.panic
> 	It will execute all the commands I need, dump them in text format to
> 	your swap device and reboot machine.
> 	After the reboot, you should find textdump.tar.0 file in /var/crash/
> 	directory. This is the debug info I need.
> End of textdumps procedure.
> Ok, now that I know you read everything carefully, here is the patch:
> 	http://people.freebsd.org/~pjd/patches/zfs_20100831.patch.bz2
> Good luck! >:>

293 files changed, 54587 insertions(+), 19525 deletions(-)

Yikes! I certainly commend you for this work.  As for how to explain it
I do not think the words exist in the English dictionary.

Though it is unlikely that I will be attempting to use this ATM I logged
some things for giggles. http://bit.ly/d20tML

At that URL you will find a patch.log reject-files.log and a directory
'reject-files' with non-other than the reject files from the patch tar &
bzip2'd for convenience. Just for being curious & found out that only 14
of the 293 files that were changed had rejects against a stable/8 that
was patched to ZFSv15 + metaslab_v2 + abe_stat_rrwlock.

My Hats off to the developers and everyone involved with keeping this
all together, it says A LOT!. This is impressive. Not to mention this
easily read and understandable email to top it off.


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Again here is the link:

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