[RFC] Outline of USB process integration in the kernel taskqueue system

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Fri Nov 5 18:29:32 UTC 2010


In the patch attached to this e-mail I included Matthew Fleming's patch 

1) I renamed taskqueue_cancel() into taskqueue_stop(), hence that resembles 
the words of the callout and USB API's terminology for doing the same.

2) I turns out I need to have code in subr_taskqueue.c to be able to make the 
operations atomic.

3) I did not update the manpage in this patch. Will do that before a commit.

4) My patch implements separate state keeping in "struct task_pair", which 
avoids having to change any KPI's for now, like suggested by John Baldwin I 

5) In my implementation I hard-coded the priority argument to zero, so that 
enqueuing is fast.

Comments are welcome!

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