ffs_copyonwrite panics

Jeff Roberson jroberson at jroberson.net
Wed May 19 11:15:00 UTC 2010

On Tue, 18 May 2010, Roman Bogorodskiy wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using -CURRENT last update in February for quite a long time
> and few weeks ago decided to finally update it. The update was quite
> unfortunate as system became very unstable: it just hangs few times a
> day and panics sometimes.
> Some things can be reproduced, some cannot. Reproducible ones:
> 1. background fsck always makes system hang
> 2. system crashes on operations with nullfs mounts (disabled that for
> now)
> The most annoying one is ffs_copyonwrite panic which I cannot reproduce.
> The thing is that if I will run 'startx' on it with some X apps it will
> panic just in few minutes. When I leave the box with nearly no stress
> (just use it as internet gateway for my laptop) it behaves a little
> better but will eventually crash in few hours anyway.

This may have been my fault.  Can you please update and let me know if it 
is resolved?  There was both a deadlock and a copyonwrite panic as a 
result of the softupdates journaling import.  I just fixed the deadlock 


> The even more annoying thing is that when I cannot save the dump,
> because when the system boots and runs 'savecore' it leads to
> fss_copyonwrite panic as well. The panic happens when about 90% complete
> (as seem via ctrl-t).
> Any ideas how to debug and get rid of this issue?
> System arch is amd64. I don't know what other details could be useful.
> Roman Bogorodskiy

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