CALL for TEST [HOSTAP] run(4) ralink usb wireless

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Wed Mar 31 14:08:48 UTC 2010

PseudoCylon wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: CALL for TEST [HOSTAP] run(4) ralink usb wireless
>> JFYI, I have just tested if_run and works fine on HEAD (i386).
>> But on RouterStation Pro it still has problem with your patch.
>> Ganbold
> Thank you for taking extra time to test the driver.
> Yes, it works on x86. It's hard to find bugs if everything is working on my computers (core2 and atom 330).
> Here is patch.
> Please download if_run.c and if_runvar.h (click "raw" to download)
> It will print out lots of messages. Please show me last 5 or so messages if it still panics.
> Does stock run(4) still works on RouterStation? There were some update (r205042). Yours (r205084) has it.

Does stock run(4) support hostap mode yet?

rspro# sysctl net.wlan.debug=1
net.wlan.debug: 0 -> 1
rspro# ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev run0 wlanmode hostap ssid bsd mode 11g
wlan0: Ethernet address: 00:22:cf:03:e0:30
Trap cause = 2 (TLB miss (load or instr. fetch) - kernel mode)
[ thread pid 1213 tid 100051 ]
Stopped at      strlcpy+0x14:   lb      v0,0(a1)
db> bt
Tracing pid 1213 tid 100051 td 0xc0f1d720
db_trace_thread+30 (?,?,?,?) ra 80071160 sp c7ed7450 sz 24
80071044+11c (0,?,ffffffff,?) ra 80070b54 sp c7ed7468 sz 32
800707c0+394 (?,?,?,?) ra 80070ce4 sp c7ed7488 sz 168
db_command_loop+78 (?,?,?,?) ra 800733b8 sp c7ed7530 sz 24
800732b0+108 (?,?,?,?) ra 801d8d4c sp c7ed7548 sz 424
kdb_trap+10c (?,?,?,?) ra 803c37f0 sp c7ed76f0 sz 32
trap+134c (?,?,?,?) ra 803baa58 sp c7ed7710 sz 176
MipsKernGenException+10c (c7ed7a66,0,8,c7ed7a54) ra 8025e6e4 sp c7ed77c0
sz 200
strlcpy+14 (?,?,?,?) ra 0 sp c7ed7888 sz 0
pid 1213


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