CALL for TEST [HOSTAP] run(4) ralink usb wireless

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Tue Mar 30 09:57:34 UTC 2010

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> JFYI, I have just tested if_run and works fine on HEAD (i386).
> But on RouterStation Pro it still has problem with your patch.

> Ganbold

Thank you for taking extra time to test the driver.

Yes, it works on x86. It's hard to find bugs if everything is working on my computers (core2 and atom 330).

Here is patch.;a=tree;f=dev/usb/wlan;h=695689599706b01ed9ef0f1be8dfc5790076e1ae;hb=bdc7558bfbd4f3b1c4491cb56853de24580a5434
Please download if_run.c and if_runvar.h (click "raw" to download)

It will print out lots of messages. Please show me last 5 or so messages if it still panics.

Does stock run(4) still works on RouterStation? There were some update (r205042). Yours (r205084) has it.


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