Help test softupdates journaling (SUJ)

David Xu davidxu at
Sat Jan 9 08:23:16 UTC 2010

Jeff Roberson wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been augmenting softupdates with a small journal that will be 
> processed in lieu of fsck in the event of a crash.  I have written 
> some about this project here:
> For now I need volunteers who will attempt to crash the kernel code.  
> It now passes fsx, fsstress, and stress2 on my box for many hours.  
> pho@ has been helping me and may still have a bug or two but I need a 
> wider audience so we can be comfortable with the stability.  In a week 
> or so I will also provide the checker.  Until then a full fsck is 
> required after a crash.
Great news, does it also handle crash of recovering procedure ?
For example, power off during recovering.

David Xu

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