Next ZFSv28 patchset ready for testing.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at
Sun Dec 19 13:00:32 UTC 2010

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 12:54:36AM +0300, Rechistov Grigory (Речистов Григорий) wrote:
> I started to check the new ZFS version inside a VirtualBox machine. So far  
> it works for me without crashes, but I got some observations worth  
> mentioning. Here are the steps I made:
> 1. Installed 8.1-RELEASE (from minimal install  CD)
> 2. Csup'ped sources to CURRENT (as of 14/12/2010) [note that I haven't  
> used SVN repository]
> 3. Applied the patch in question.
> 4. Created a zpool raidz of two disks of old  version 15. Also some usual  
> tuning of ZFS in loader.conf was done as I am running 32 bit version with  
> low amount of memory.  "zfs_enable=YES" in rc.conf was added too.
> 4.1 Moved /usr/ports to ZFS to have some files on it.
> 5. Make buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, installworld - all the  
> canonical steps from the Handbook.
> 6. After reboot to final 9.0-CURRENT world I got a dmesg with some trace  
> stack related to ZFS and also a rc.d script message about unrecognized  
> command 'volinit' (see the text of it in attachment).

This one is because mergemaster(8) skips files with the same $FreeBSD$
value, so you need to copy /usr/src/etc/rc.d/zvol to /etc/rc.d/ by hand.

> 7. Nevertheless the system booted. Files
> 8. `zpool upgrade -a` worked all right and reported that now I have ZFS  
> version 28
> Overall I am pleasantly surprised how streamlined the whole process was.

That's good to hear, thanks.

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