Lock order reversal .

Erik Cederstrand erik at cederstrand.dk
Tue Dec 7 10:15:45 UTC 2010

Den 07/12/2010 kl. 10.20 skrev Garrett Cooper:

> On Dec 7, 2010, at 12:26 AM, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <m.e.sanliturk at gmail.com> wrote:
>> A Dmesg.TXT is attached having a lock order reversal .
>    The mount LOR is well known.

I see that this is the standard response to lot's of LOR reports. It seems to be one of the most-reported errors on CURRENT (and it's certainly a loud one), but I think a lot of people waste time researching the error and browsing Bjoerns LOR page, only to get the above response (not picking on you, Garrett).

Do we have the possibility of silencing well-known and presumably harmless LOR's if there isn't sufficient motivation to fix the source?


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