svn commit: r211908 - head/sys/dev/ichwd

Andriy Gapon avg at
Mon Aug 30 21:53:53 UTC 2010

on 30/08/2010 20:18 Mike Tancsa said the following:
> At 12:51 PM 8/30/2010, Olivier Smedts wrote:
>> By any chance, is it disabled in BIOS ?
> Hi,
> There are a couple of options in the BIOS. There is a "reboot the box if the
> bios does not post within 6min" as well as "Fire the watchdog if the dog has not
> been patted after 5,10 or 15min after the BIOS post.   I tried all combinations
> without luck. If I have the "reboot after x min post post", the box will reboot
> on its own.

I'd guess that this kind of option would enable OS use of the watchdog.
Perhaps you can contact Intel about this issue, either via their official
support service or via jfv (who is CCed as I see) or both.

Andriy Gapon

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