CD/DVD ejecting after sysinstall

Jim Riggs freebsd-lists at
Fri Aug 20 20:03:13 UTC 2010


This commit automatically ejects the CD when sysinstall exits which almost had dire consequences for me this week.  As described in the forum post, I keep a LiveFS CD in all of my servers so that I can remotely diagnose and fix issues.  I have done this for several years now, and it has saved my tail many times.

However, I got a surprise when I tried it today with the new 8.1 LiveFS CDs I had just burned.  After attempting to fix a problem from the LiveFS and rebooting back to the HD, the problem still existed.  No problem.  I just tried to boot back to the CD only to find that it was gone.  Luckily, this was on a box in-house, so I was quickly able to see what was wrong.

Now that I have the commit, I can roll my own patched sysinstall and CDs, but the question is:  Should we be ejecting the media without any prompt?  Obviously, for my use case, I liked the old behavior of just reminding the user to eject the media when rebooting.  I understand that may not be optimal for some users.  Can we present a dialog asking the user if they want the media to be ejected?  That still leaves me at risk of selecting the wrong answer, I suppose.  I would rather not have to roll my own LiveFS CDs every time, though.

Thoughts from anyone else?  (Please copy me on responses.)

- Jim

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