Removal of ICC (intel compiler) bits from mk

V. T. Mueller, Continum v.t.mueller at
Thu Aug 19 09:15:21 UTC 2010

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>>> If someone would get icc 11.x up and runnig as a port (similar to 
>>> what we have for outdated icc version in the ports collection), I 
>>> would have a look if my contact at Intel is still working there in a 
>>> position which allows him to get a commercial license for us.
>> A while ago it was stated by MySQL AB, that their dbms performs about 
>> 20% better when compiled with icc instead of gcc. Is this (still) true?
> This looks overly simplified. "It runs better on CPU X with benchmark Y 
> on Mainboard Z when you use gcc A.B.C with options D and compare it to 
> icc E.F.G with options H." is something you can use in such cases, but 
> it doesn't tell you if it will be the case on your machines with your 
> workload.
> If you want to know if it is faster on your machines with your workload, 
> then there is only one way to find it out: try it (be warned, due to the 
> amount of optimization options available in gcc/icc, something like this 
> will take a lot of time, as there are a lot of combinations to try).

Sounds reasonable. But doesn't that mean, that there is no need to (take 
the hassle to) support icc in the future? Especially while folks are 
being keen on abandon gcc for clang?

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