AR9280 "bb hang" and other

Ian FREISLICH ianf at
Wed Aug 18 08:26:48 UTC 2010

Rui Paulo wrote:
> On 17 Aug 2010, at 09:17, Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> > Aug 17 09:29:08 mini kernel: ath0: bb hang detected (0x80), resetting
> > Aug 17 09:37:57 mini kernel: ath0: bb hang detected (0x80), resetting
> > Aug 17 09:49:10 mini kernel: ath0: bb hang detected (0x80), resetting
> > Aug 17 10:06:17 mini kernel: ath0: bb hang detected (0x80), resetting
> BB hangs are a problem with the 9280 but I don't know how to fix.
> Hardware errors shouldn't happen, but this might mean you have
> very aggressive power reduction settings (ACPI C3, etc.) that are
> interfering with the atheros card. This has happened to me in the
> past.

Now, I've made 2 changes so I'm not sure which affected it:

1. I replaced the card with an AR9285

ath0 at pci0:1:0:0: class=0x028000 card=0x7167144f chip=0x002b168c rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
    vendor  = 'Atheros Communications Inc.'
    device  = 'Atheros AR9285 Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n Controller (AR928x)'
    class   = network

2. I changed the channel on our AP. (there were 2 other nearby APs
   on the same channel).

I noticed that I got a lot more bb hangs at the office compared to
home - there are a lot more APs nearby:

[mini] /usr/home/ianf $ ifconfig wlan0 scan
Ignition        00:26:bb:78:b4:91    6   54M -89:-96  100 EPS  RSN HTCAP WPA WME
Eco Impact      00:22:3f:55:80:bc   11   54M -92:-96  100 EP   HTCAP WPS WPA WME
Viic            00:14:6c:49:3f:1c   11   54M -92:-96  100 EPS  WPA ATH WME
cluelan         00:30:4f:58:bf:96    7   54M -72:-96  100 EPS  WPA ATH WME
PRIVATE LABEL   00:19:70:05:28:c4    3   54M -79:-96  100 EP   WPA WME
blinkbroom1     00:18:4d:1c:8e:3a    5   54M -89:-96  100 EPS  WPA
Sasman          00:26:f2:46:2c:de    1   54M -93:-96  100 EP   WME
cocoa           00:26:f2:3d:aa:13    3   54M -94:-96  200 EPS  WME HTCAP ATH
CareCross       30:46:9a:1e:b0:ca    8   54M -35:-96  100 EPS  RSN WPA

We're "cluelan" and we were on channel 3.  Previously, I was seeing
a hang every 10 minutes or so, since changing the channel to a
"free" one, I haven't had a hang in the last 40 minutes.  The only
bb hang I've had was when I deactivated the RF switch on netbook
and that was a semi-expected result.


Ian Freislich

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