ZFS will gone,FreeBSD will import btrfs?

Olivier Smedts olivier at gid0.org
Tue Aug 17 16:14:41 UTC 2010

2010/8/17 Mark Linimon <linimon at lonesome.com>:
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:21:07PM +0800, lhmwzy wrote:
>> opensolaris is gone
> It appears there will be a fork, but that's not particularly crucial
> to FreeBSD.
>> ZFS also gone.

OpenSolaris is gone, Oracle won't make any OpenSolaris release but
they're still working on Solaris (and maybe ZFS).

But did they close the sources too ? I mean, they have a VCS, can we
still access it and download the ZFS source files ? Did they also
relicense them ?
As for btrfs, don't forget it's GPL, and still not production-ready.
ZFS has a proven reliability, if Oracle drops it because they have
btrfs, I'll be very angry...

> We're not going to drop ZFS because Oracle's plans are unclear.  It
> remains to be seen how much other community support there is behind ZFS.
>> Will FreeBSD import btrfs or other similar file system?
> >From my observation, it takes about 2 years from the initial work on a
> new filesystem until it's relatively stable, so I don't know why we would
> suddenly decide to go that direction.
> mcl
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