Official request: Please make GNU grep the default

Steven Hartland killing at
Sun Aug 15 17:17:27 UTC 2010

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From: "Steve Kargl" <sgk at>
> Whereas switching the default back to GNU grep *guarantees*
> neither unsophisticated nor sophosticated user will test
> BSD grep.
> It seems that you are letting a poor design decision with
> respect to portmaster impair others contribution to FreeBSD.
> I suspect that you could have added a USE_GREP knob to
> the port infrastructure and updated your port to use
> ports/textproc/gnugrep in the time that you have used to
> post and reply here.

It may be ideal to move to a bsd licensed grep implementation
but anything more than a fractional slowdown is an unacceptable

Doug is not seeing 1.1 times slower or even 1.5 times slower we
are talking 6 - 15 times slower by his measurements and that
is not something as a users we would want to use.

The fact its a script and there may be more efficient ways of
implementing it doesn't matter one jot. The fact that the new
default grep is so much slower than the one its trying to
replace is what matters, so until its brought up to a comparable
speed then my vote would be switch back to GNU grep as the default.


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