[PATCH] Shutdown cooloff feature

Pegasus Mc Cleaft ken at mthelicon.com
Tue Sep 29 15:04:47 UTC 2009

> I could be convinced by an argument that reboot and shutdown -r should be 
> the
> same, and that both should talk to init, which should perform the reboot
> system call.  Since init is what runs rc.shutdown, and it already knows if
> it's in multiuser mode (since it defines multiuser mode), it should be 
> able to
> DRT.  My belief is that most people who type in "reboot" do so thinking it
> means the same thing as "shutdown -r ".
> Robert N M Watson
> Computer Laboratory
> University of Cambridge
    I have always used "reboot" to be the nasty "Just pop the reset button" 
kind of shutdown. I have a system that hystorically locks up after BSD does 
a proper shutdown/reboot and when I am working remotely, after doing many 
sync's I call "reboot -nq" (it seems to like that :> ). I suppose in my mind 
I have always thought of the reboot command as being a sledge hammer where 
"shutdown -r" was the polite version. I wouldent want to loose the 
brute-force power of "reboot".


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