Three cheers for the status quo, enough now? (was: Re: tmux(1) in base)

Philipp Ost pj at
Thu Sep 24 18:10:23 UTC 2009

Bakul Shah wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Sep 2009 00:37:25 BST Robert Watson <rwatson at>  wrote:
>> The current blend of components is largely historical, modeling the mix found
>> in BSD UNIX, and strikes a hard-to-characterize balance between the logical 
>> extremes "we ship a minimally bootstrapping system" and "we ship every 
>> application under the sun".  This means for most parts of the base system 
>> there will be someone who argues it belongs there, and someone who argues that
>> it doesn't.
> What would be nice is if the install CDs came with a small
> number of "profiles" (mini, midi & maxi) and made it easy to
> pick a profile and install/upgrade to the system described in
> it.  Nicer still would be if there was a way to create custom
> profiles for specific purposes. Then you have an easy way to
> clone the same setup to multiple machines. [Not that it would
> stop such arguments....] I am sure we have been here before!

I don't think Robert intended this thread to turn into Yet Another 
Bikeshed, isn't it?

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