misc/compat6x port no longer sufficient for DRI under head?

Robert Noland rnoland at FreeBSD.org
Fri Sep 18 02:10:58 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-09-17 at 20:57 -0500, Sean C. Farley wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Robert Noland wrote:
> > On Thu, 2009-09-17 at 20:13 -0500, Sean C. Farley wrote:
> *snip*
> >> WITHOUT_HAL throughout ports, dbus running and the option I listed 
> >> above works well for me with stable/7 (r196739).
> >
> > Just to be clear... hald has a number of build time features and 
> > tweaks depending on current OS support, so I'm not really surprised 
> > that hald doesn't work well or correctly in David's case.
> >
> > hald has no interaction with drm though, other than if hald is running 
> > it will try to open drm and get the driver version.  hald certainly 
> > wouldn't have any impact of X functioning or not based on the DRI 
> > option.
> >
> > The evidence so far seems to be pointing to some issue with setting 
> > MTRR, though I'm not exactly certain how or what is failing.
> I understand.  I did not necessarily consider hald to be culprit in 
> relation to the DRI option.
> However, building ports without HAL may (or may not) be useful in the 
> situation where hald from 6.0 is being run on 7.0 and 8.0, especially 
> since hald has build-time specifics based upon the OS version.

True, however there is a bug in that if Xserver is built without hald,
it also doesn't get linked with pthreads.


> Sean
Robert Noland <rnoland at FreeBSD.org>

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