The only problems with v8.0 are:

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Sep 2 12:44:45 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 01 September 2009 4:13:46 pm Bill Squire {billsf} wrote:
> These 'bug' me:
> 8.0 is ready. The '/boot/loader' has been a long time problem. If I'm the 
> only one that knows Forth (my first computer language) I probably can fix it.
> However, a loader from v7 should do fine.

What specifically is broken about /boot/loader in 8.0?

> There appears to be a typo in one of the cddl 32bit Makefiles. It doesn't get 
> a certain header file into */obj/. That file is: '/usr/include/rpc/xdr.h'.

Are you seeing a build failure?  The tinderboxes are not broken so I believe
world is building fine.  If you are having problems building something else
besides world can you provide more details?

John Baldwin

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