Per Jail Memory Limits

Menshikov Konstantin kostjn at
Wed Oct 7 10:30:58 UTC 2009

Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Tom Judge wrote:
>> So I have worked up some thing usable fore us based on the 7.0 code 
>> from the wiki.
>> This patch is for 7.1 in implements both soft and hard memory limits.
>> Details are here:
>> Changes that add supporting infrastructure for cpu limiting are in 
>> the patch but changes to the schedulers have not been included.  If 
>> you need the scheduling support you will need to patch sched_4bsd 
>> with the code from the original patch set here:
>> Hope this is useful for some people.
> I added links to this thread and to your patch into wiki page 
> I hope it will help people to find your 
> work.
> Do you plan to make it for 7.2 and other future releases?
> Miroslav Lachman
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It is good that people work in this direction!
At present there are some patches, however any of them is not finished.
I suggest to discuss in details a problem.
The most important questions.
1. It is necessary to limit what resources?
2. How resources should be limited? Soft and hard limits.
3. How to count memory occupied with group of processes?
4.  How to limit memory use? Whether correctly to kill processes?
5. How to limit use of processor time at absence in ULE separate turns 
of performance for jails?
6. Whether limits should be inherited at creation jails?

Menshikov Konstantin

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