nd6 change and rc.d/network_ipv6 -> rc.d/netif integration

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 5 09:24:33 UTC 2009

John Hay <jhay at meraka.org.za> wrote
  in <20091005055806.GB58246 at zibbi.meraka.csir.co.za>:

jh> Is there a good reason why we still ship with ipv6 off by default? Most
jh> others seem to ship with ipv6 on. At least Windows, most linux flavours
jh> and Mac OS X which make out the rest of the machines on our network here
jh> at Meraka Institute.

 What do you mean by "off by default"?  I think IPv6 is not disabled
 by default with the patch.  Re-enabling of "automatic assignment of a
 link-local address by default" has been a big step for IPv6 ready out
 of the box.

jh> One thing that I have against the way the stuff in -current is done at
jh> the moment, is that it seems to be a lot more work to just get ipv6 to
jh> work. Either I did things wrong or we are taking a step backward. Make
jh> no mistake, I like the idea of being able to control it per interface,
jh> but it seems that you have to enable it per interface with a long string
jh> for each... I would rather that it is enabled everywhere by default and
jh> then you disbale it where you do not want it.

 The initial patch had several regressions to mistakenly disable the
 functionality, but the current one should work by just adding an
 $ifconfig_IF_ipv6 line to rc.conf.  The intention of my patch is to
 set $ipv6_enable=YES automatically (in more modular manner) when an
 IPv6 configuration is specified for an interface.  Even with no
 per-interface configuration, when $ipv6_prefer=YES, IPv6
 communication by using link-local addresses works.  I believe it does
 not make it so complex compared with the old $ipv6_enable=YES model.

 I feel there is some difference between my understanding of "enable
 by default" and yours.  Do you elaborate the word "enable" a bit
 more, please?

-- Hiroki
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