Wondering how stable x86emu?

Xin LI delphij at delphij.net
Wed Nov 11 22:59:05 UTC 2009

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Joshua Piccari wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 10:13 AM, Xin LI <delphij at delphij.net> wrote:
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>> Joshua Piccari wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Hi all I'm wondering if anybody can comment on when we can expect to
>>> see x86emu come to a branch other than -CURRENT? Or if anyone has a
>>> patch for x86emu that would work (even slightly) with 8.0-RC2? I guess
>>> if nothing else it would be nice to know what files are involved so I
>>> can make a patch for RC2.
>>> Anyways, any info would be greatly appreciated since I've been waiting
>>> for something like this for a long time. Great work, and really
>>> looking forward to it. :D
>> I'm not sure what are you referring to...  It worked just fine for i.e.
>> VESA stuff on amd64, but I think it's too late for 8.0 since it has been
>> introduced too late.  However, it would be a good target for 8.1 I
>> guess, there are some rough edges but so far it works just fine for me.
> Yeah, I realized that it probably wouldn't make it to 8.0 but I was
> wondering if anybody has an unofficial patch that can be used in the
> meantime.
> The reason I ask is before it was committed it was a patch for
> 8.0-BETA3 floating around on the forums. It seems that the patch has
> been removed since it was committed but I'd hoped someone out there
> still had it so I could use it with 8.0-RC2.

I see.  There are some recent improvements on -HEAD that we feel that
will need some "settle" before putting it through for an MFC patchset.

If you have interest, you can actually try manually fetching the -HEAD
version of sys/contrib/x86emu, as well as the files committed by jkim@
and I (mainly dev/fb, dev/dpms, i386/isa and modules/x86bios,
modules/vesa, modules/dpms, etc).  Files in conf/ would require some
manual work but these would be trivial.

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