Sharing ZFS Zpools and Filesystems Between 7.1-STABLE and 8.0-CURRENT

Mark Powell M.S.Powell at
Fri Mar 27 05:09:31 PDT 2009

On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, Rink Springer wrote:

> One thing to note, if you intend to create zpools / zfs-es on CURRENT
> which should be readable on STABLE, you must use the -o version=<x>
> parameter to create supported versions, i.e.:
> # zfs create -o version=1 ...
> # pool create -o version=6 ...
> This only applies to CURRENT, STABLE doesn't understand the 'version'
> parameter and will error out if you use it.

I've noticed that 7-STABLE doesn't allow the space char in zfs names, 
whereas 8-CURRENT does allow spaces in zfs created as version 1. I've not 
yet had a chance to see if 7 will mount such filesystems.

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