CFT: txp(4)

Pyun YongHyeon pyunyh at
Mon Mar 2 16:42:16 PST 2009


Here is drop-in replacement txp(4) for all architectures. I think
I've fixed all known issues such as controller hang under heavy
network load, missing link state transition handling etc. If you
ever suffered from instability of txp(4) please give it a try and
let me know how it goes. Testing on systems with more than 4GB
memory was not done due to lack of hardwares. ATM it was tested on
i386 and sparc64.

Note, txp(4) now downloads firmware in interface up time so it may
take longer time to initialize the interface than that of stock
version. This change was made to ensure correct operation of
hardware and to support WOL.

Install : Download the following files and rebuild kernel.


For 7.1-RELEASE and stable/7 :


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