GPT boot with ZFS RAIDZ "ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable"

Thomas Backman serenity at
Fri Jun 26 08:29:38 UTC 2009

On Jun 26, 2009, at 05:37 AM, Jonathan wrote:

> I've tried so many things today I don't even remember them all but I  
> will try to make the list as complete as I can.
> I recently purchased a new server with 3 450GB SAS drives on an mfi  
> controller and 2 Xeon 5550 processors.  I'm trying to install  
> FreeBSD current with a ZFS RAIDZ pool booting from GPT.
> I have a USB drive booting ZFS based on the 200905 current  
> snapshot.  I downloaded the latest svn source and built it.   
> LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT=YES was set for the build.
> Once the build was complete I did the following to create and  
> populate the pool on the 3 SAS drives while booted from the USB drive:
> gpart create -s GPT mfid[0-2]
> gpart show mfid0 # to get sector count
> gpart add -b 34 -s 128 -t freebsd-boot mfid[0-2]
> gpart add -b 162 -s 876,951,323 -t freebsd-zfs mfid[0-2]
> gpart bootcode -b /usr/obj/amd64/usr/src/sys/boot/i386/pmbr/pmbr -p / 
> usr/obj/amd64/usr/src/sys/boot/i386/gptzfsboot/gptzfsboot -i 1  
> mfid[0-2]
> zpool create serenity raidz /dev/mfid[0-2]p2
> make installworld TARGET=amd64 DESTDIR=/serenity
> make installkernel TARGET=amd64 DESTDIR=/serenity
> mergemaster -D /serenity/etc/ -i
> created an empty fstab
> copied /boot/zfs/zpool.cache to the new pool
> I did not export the pool as some searching showed that this will  
> cause the boot to fail.
> I currently seem to be having 2 issues.  One is that I get several  
> screenfulls of "error 1 lba xxx" with numbers like 4292179434 and  
> 4292179446.  Similar errors were reported here 
>  but I did not find anything in that thread that worked for me.  The  
> error message itself comes from here
> The loader then proceeds to load the kernel, opensolaris, and zfs  
> modules.  Right before the displaying the loader menu it shows the  
> message "ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable" which comes  
> from here
> If I continue from the loader screen the kernel loads and  
> initializes and fails with
> "Trying to mount root from zfs:serenity
> If you have invalid"...
> "Loader variables:
> vfs.root.mountfrom=zfs:serenity
> zfs.root.mountfrom.options="
> At this point I can't do anything because the USB keyboard does not  
> respond and the system has no PS/2 ports.
> I'd love to get this working and any help is much appreciated.  I  
> still have the USB drive booting the 200905 snapshot and the livefs  
> DVD snapshot available.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> P.S. if someone wants to do some testing on a 16 core machine with  
> 6GB of RAM please let me know.  I have a week or so to play with the  
> machine.
I have the same problem with the LBA stuff etc:
I was using the current sources at the date I posted though, and not  
the older snapshot (which, at least at the time, didn't have RAIDZ  
boot support).

I never got to mounting any root FS, though, it never let me load the  


PS. Nice pool name. ;)

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