WIP: ATA to CAM integration

Daan Vreeken Daan at vehosting.nl
Mon Jun 15 21:53:22 UTC 2009


On Friday 05 June 2009 19:28:15 Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :Latest AHCI specifications define feature named FIS Based Switching. It
> :allows controller independently track state of every device beyond port
> :multiplier. It should be quite easy to use it, but actually none of my
> :controllers have that capability.
>     Damn.  The FBSS capability bit is not set on my (AMD) MCP77 based AHCI
>     SATA controller.  That sucks.
>     ahci0: <NVidia-MCP77-SATA>...
>     ahci0: AHCI 1.2 capabilities
> 0xe3229f05<S64A,NCQ,SSNTF,SAL,SCLO,SPM,PMD>, 6 port
>     Do you know of any host controllers which support FBS ?  Any of the
>     Intel parts or machines per-chance?

According to the following link :

the SiI3132 supports FIS based switching. We use them in a storage server 

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