suspect bug in vge(4)

Thomas Lotterer thomas+freebsd at
Wed Jun 10 18:18:06 UTC 2009

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> I already know there are possible edge-cases in vge(4) but your
> issue looks quite different one than ever reported. Unfortunately
> vge(4) hardware I had was broken so I couldn't complete overhauling
> the vge(4). The code in the following URL is the latest WIP version
> but I don't know whether it fixes the issue as it wasn't tested at
> all on real hardware.
These files contain a CVS Id dating them 2007-11-22 while CURRENT has 
2009-05-30. Assuming these dates are reliable this means the patches are 
roughly 19 months old and AFAIK 1000BaseTX support was added within the 
last 6 months. I do not believe reverting back makes sense, if you know 
better, please tell me.

There is another interesting patch aside which deals with TXCSUM
However, it is already included in CURRENT.

More ideas?

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