'gmirror stop' instantly restarts mirror

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de
Tue Jul 28 23:44:57 UTC 2009

Marius Nünnerich schrieb am 29.07.2009 00:01 (localtime):
>> So the mirror gets relaunchend immediately after destroyed.
> I can't reproduce your results on a 8.0-BETA2 with todays kernel in virtualbox.

Hmmm, there's the mirror with the extenden provider name, it gets 
detected after stopping the newer mirror:

gmirror list
Geom name: TEST
Components: 2
Balance: prefer
Slice: 4096
Flags: NONE
GenID: 2
SyncID: 1
ID: 2915496981
1. Name: mirror/TEST
    Mediasize: 10737417728 (10G)
    Sectorsize: 512
    Mode: r0w0e0
1. Name: gpt/fbsd8GUNE-root_RAID1prov.1of2

That's left of some experiments.
It seems everything is ok with the regular -current code, sorry for the 


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