kern/132337: [zfs] [panic] kernel panic in zfs_fuid_create_cred

Thomas Backman serenity at
Sun Jul 26 09:03:27 UTC 2009

(CC:ing people in the know about this.)

On Jul 23, 2009, at 11:24, Jaakko Heinonen wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2009-07-23, Thomas Backman wrote:
>> Unfortunately, this PR appears to still be unfixed. Is anyone looking
>> at this?
>> panic: zfs_fuid_create_cred
> This PR is a duplicate of kern/133020. There is a workaround fix in
> pjd's perforce branch but apparently it was never committed to svn.
> See:
> --  
> Jaakko

Another "could this get merged to head?" question from me. A one-liner  
that seems to take care of the panic, which should be a pretty common  
one when using NFS+ZFS together. I realize ZFS isn't ready to be  
officially considered "stable for production", but minor code issues  
that cause major problems (such as commonly occuring panics) should at  
least be taken care of IMHO. :)


Kip, what about the libzfs_sendrecv patch? I know I've been asking  
several times, but you did ask me to remind you - I just didn't catch  
if that was sincere or not. ;)
Patch: (hosted by me,  
but not written by me ( 

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