broken pmbr?

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Jul 20 21:36:00 UTC 2009

On Friday 17 July 2009 10:42:07 pm Edho P Arief wrote:
> I just managed to, um, break my installation boot using these steps:
> 1. system with at least two disks (say ad0 and ad4)
> 2. create gpt partition on ad0
> 3. create at least one freebsd-ufs on ad0
> 4. install freebsd on ad4 using gpt ( )
> 5. reboot and boot to ad4
> 6. 'Missing boot loader'
> (Rearranging ad0 to adX where X>4 or removing ad0 solves the problem, btw)
> Does pmbr only search first drive with gpt it found?

/boot/pmbr only looks on the current disk, yes.  You could put the boot 
partition on ad0 and then put a /boot.config in the UFS partition on ad0 that 
points to ad4 if you want it to find the boot loader from ad4 instead of ad0.

John Baldwin

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