Getting crashdumps to work (trying to submit crash report)

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Mon Jul 20 20:48:50 UTC 2009

> Forgot to add, try toggling the value of debug.minidump.

Might there be a fear that having minidumps enabled may cause a
failure to dump because it is more dependent on kernel data

> You might also want to try dumping in the debugger to see if the
> infrastructure you have is able to work at all. Break to the debugger
> (Ctrl-Alt-Esc at the console, or whatever you need to do for a serial
> terminal) and then at the prompt type:
> call doadump(0)
> If it works, you can then just type 'reboot' and make sure that
> savecore can do its job.

Thanks a lot! I'll try to get my hands on a PS/2 keyboard and
experiment with this.

/ Peter Schuller

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