panic while configuring vlan on msk

Andrey Groshev greenx at
Thu Jul 9 11:45:15 UTC 2009

Hi, again :)

it was necessary to work with vlan-s, but did not succeed ...

#ifconfig vlan7 create
#ifconfig vlan7 vlan 7 vlandev msk0

panic: mtx_lock() of spin mutex (null) @ /usr/src/sys/dev/e1000/if_em.c:1623
cpuid = 1
KBD: enter: panic
[thread pid 43561 tid 100322 ]
Stopped at    kdb_enter+0x3a: movl    $0,kbd_why
db> bt
Tracing pid 43561 tid 100322 td 0xc9967d80
kdb_enter(c0cb1978,c0cb1978,c0cb03e4,eab05a70,1,...) at kdb_enter+0x03
panic(c0cb03e4,0,c0c79470,657,c9967e24,...) at panic+0x136
_mtx_lock_flags(c60db4e4,0,c0c79470,657,c60d7000,...) at 
em_init(c60d7000) at em_init+0x35
em_register_vlan(0,c60cd400,7,430,c696fb84,...) at em_register_vlan+0x44
vlan_config(eab05b16,eab05b16,12,eab05b24,c6978220,...) at vlan_config+0x316
vlan_ioctl(c6135400,80206939,c6978220,c9967d80,eab05bac,...) at 
ifioctl(c9520338,80306939,c6978220,c9967d80,ca243500,...) at ifioctl+0x11a8
soo_ioctl(c6d02e38,80206939,c6978220,c65a0b80,c9967d80,...) at 
kern_ioctl(c9967d80,3,80206939,c6978220,8f52d0,...) at kern_ioctl+0x1fd
ioctl(c9967d80,eab05cf8,c,c0cc863f,c0d996dc8,...) at ioctl+0x134
syscall(eab05d38) at syscall+0x2a3
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x20
--- syscall (54, FreeBSD ELF32, ioctl), eip = 0x33dbda23, esp = 
0xbfbfe1ec, ebp = 0xbfbfe208 ---

$uname -a
FreeBSD 8.0-BETA1 FreeBSD 8.0-BETA1 #0: Thu Jul  9 
10:55:08 MSD 2009     
greenx at  i386

$pciconf -vl|grep -A4 msk
mskc0 at pci0:2:0:0:       class=0x020000 card=0x81f81043 chip=0x436411ab 
rev=0x12 hdr=0x00
    vendor     = 'Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd)'
    device     = 'Yukon PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (88E8056)'
    class      = network
    subclass   = ethernet

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