RFC: powerd Patch & proposed future changes

Gergely CZUCZY gergely.czuczy at harmless.hu
Mon Jul 6 08:18:47 UTC 2009


I think this is a very nice idea, especially the TFT backlight part. It
also might be useful to adjust the WiFi transmit power level according
to battery state. That can also save some power, especially on

On Mon, 6 Jul 2009 09:22:58 +0200 (CEST)
"Rene Schickbauer" <cavac at magicbooks.org> wrote:

> Hi!
> Yesterday i submitted a patch for powerd to set maximum allowed CPU
> speed for adaptive modes (to keep the system cool and using less
> power).
> PR: 136354
> Would it also make sense to have powerd run an (optional) user
> configureable script on ac state change? I'm thinking about things
> like dimming TFT backlight, on EEE PC turning of the webcam and so on.
> Another option that could make sense in powerd is checking the
> battery state and running a user configureable script when ac-state
> is set to battery and battery falls below a configured threshold. The
> script could do a number of things like warning the user, scheduling
> a shutdown and so on in order to give the user a fair chance to save
> his/her work and do a clean shutdown (or just plugin the ac adapter).
> powerd currently only adjusts CPU speed, but having a *second*
> programm monitor the same kernel variables to work on another part of
> the same problem does not seem to make sense.
> BTW, i'm also thinking of having the option to have powerd log the
> battery status (ac mode + load + charge level) every 5 Minutes or so
> to syslog. That way, a second script (log parser) may be able to
> determine information about the battery - like how long does it take
> to charge, rough capacity estimation and possible degradation of
> battery.
> Just throwing ideas...
> Rene

Gergely CZUCZY
Harmless Digital Bt


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