Kernel panic with if_sf.ko

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Wed Jul 1 21:31:02 UTC 2009

Robert Watson wrote:
> Jung-uk Kim wrote:
> >Last time I checked, bpf(4) with MAC caused a similar problem when it is 
> >destroying bpf descriptor label.  GENERIC includes MAC by default now.  If 
> >you don't need MAC, try removing "options MAC" from your kernel 
> >configuration.
> I was not aware of this problem -- could you provide some more details?  
> Any panic caused by having MAC in the kernel is a bug...

My kernel is custom one, with everything I could moved out to modules
(had to add "nodevice" entries for io and mem since they are in DEFAULTS
these days).  So I don't see how it can be related to MAC.


P.S.  Took me couple of hours to figure out that "uart" must be
compiled in, loading it via loader.conf does not quite work for serial
console.  :-(

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