Best torrent client/server available for FreeBSD?

Lucius Windschuh lwindschuh at
Thu Jan 8 04:39:50 PST 2009

2009/1/8 David N <davidn04 at>:
> I use transmission daemon + transmission web.
> You can control it via command line or web interface.

transmission is a nice, small client, but be aware that it performs
poorly on torrents with many files / many torrents.
It uses a hard-coded number of open files: 16. Not more.
So, transmission gives you a nice system load by opening and closing
many files per second (and the only thing you can do is change the
source code :-D) with torrents containing many files.

That's why I second Ed and suggest net-p2p/rtorrent.
rtorrent hashes files slowly because it uses mmap for this and counts
on the kernel to behave like Linux does, but FreeBSD doesn't:
On Linux, madvise(..., MADV_WILLNEED) will preload a page, and
seemingly, FreeBSD has a different behaviour. That's the simple
reason. Nonetheless, rtorrent is small and very efficient.


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