RFC: new utility, kmodpatch

Alex Keda admin at lissyara.su
Thu Jan 1 19:25:35 UTC 2009

Luigi Rizzo ?????:
>      A couple of real life examples:
>      kmodpatch umass.ko - @0 0x4050 0x4a5 0x0101 0x4200
>          set the kernel to use flags UMASS_PROTO_SCSI | UMASS_PROTO_BBB and
>          quirks WRONG_CSWSIG | NO_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE for a certain GSM phone
>          that implements the umass interface;
>      kmodpatch uscanner.ko - @0 0x04b8 0x084a 0
>          let uscanner.ko recognise a newly introduced MFP scanner device.
It's very good idea!
Now I will be able to replace WiFi in my HP laptop with Broadcom --> 
Intel, previously overwritten it identifier from Broadcom =)))
(In HP laptops work only devices whose ID's contains in BIOS.)

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