boot0cfg -s vs. GEOM_PART_*?

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Tue Feb 17 03:50:09 PST 2009


with a fresh kernel and world from last night I get:

dopt# boot0cfg -s 3 ad4
boot0cfg: /dev/ad4: ad4
boot0cfg: /dev/ad4: ioctl DIOCSMBR: Inappropriate ioctl for device

is this GEOM_PART_* fallout and can it be fixed?

I am wondering how to change it from a rnning system now, as

dopt# gpart set -a active -i 3 ad4
gpart: pre-check failed: Device not configured

I guess this may help you to see if what I am doing is correct:

dopt# gpart show ad4
=>       63  390721905  ad4  MBR  (186G)
          63     256977    1  !6  (125M)
      257040   83875365    2  freebsd  [active]  (40G)
    84132405   83875365    3  freebsd  (40G)
   168007770  222709095    4  freebsd  (106G)
   390716865       5103       - free -  (2.5M)

Oh, and how does one set the boot0cfg -s 5 (next disk) now?


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