Annoyance with recent parallelism in rc.d

Pyun YongHyeon pyunyh at
Mon Feb 16 17:10:21 PST 2009

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 12:28:20AM -0800, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> I just updated my world to a recent snapshot (a build from last week)
> and I'm noting some parallelism / backgrounding which is really
> causing issues with my NIC and NFS mounts. I had to hit CTRL-D 5 times
> in order to get the system to come up because it couldn't resolve my
> NFS server's hostname, because the NIC wasn't up and going yet (as it
> uses the DHCP client in background mode due to the new default).
> Now I realize that this all ties back into the issue with the NIC
> (which I've approached Pyun about, and which I appreciate his help is
> solving issues with this buggy chipset), but is there really a need

Would you try attached patch? I don't like the patch but it may
reduce number of link state change message generated by dhclient.

> for  parallelism at startup rc.d it can't properly detect dependencies
> with some cases like NFS mounts?
> Thanks,
> -Garrett
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